Being a hands-on mum can be tough, and so is being a tutor to your kids. I know because I’ve been doing it for almost nine years. Phew! That’s a long time, right? Well, I persisted because I’m passionate about learning and teaching. When my youngest daughter, Dammie, was four years old. Do you know how I got her to write A to Z? Take a guess.…hint…she’s got a ‘jaw-dropping’ sweet tooth.

A cookie. One cookie for one letter. (Bonus: the cookies were her snack too!)

So, 26 cookies per letter, right? Am I out of my mind? Well, no…I struck a deal with her. One cookie for every fifteen letters she wrote, one teeny bite at a time. It always worked and after about twenty minutes, I would have her neatly written letters in her workbook. Before the cookie tactic, we could be at it for almost an hour, going back and forth like battling beetles.

By the time Dammie turned eight, the cookie tactic didn’t work anymore. And the lessons now included some science and even more reading. Sometimes, I begged. I got frustrated. Yes, tears frustrated. Dammie’s got a knack for pushing my buttons. But I do have a knack for A’s!!!

I’d admit, maybe once or twice I thought of giving up but today, I’m glad I didn’t. Tutoring my daughter all those years let me understand her learning styles, her capabilities and her weaknesses. Now, she’s ten -year old and has a tutor from Early Base. She’s really thriving.

Currently, I tutor my six years old son rather than give the ‘job’ to a tutor, because he won’t sit for an hour in front of a computer. We tried it for a month and gave up. He definitely enjoys learning with me. We use YouTube videos and an audio dictionary for his reading sessions. I’ve been teaching him to read more fluently, and he’s getting there. 

More on some of my learning/tutoring tips on next article.

Take care, 

Remi ValKuye

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