As our world keeps evolving, so does our demand to understand our universe. Careers in science (the state of knowing)  is are some of the best paying jobs globally, and they are highly competitive. These days, its not unusual to hear a child say they want to be a robotics engineer when they grow up! The possibilities are endless with each generation gap. 

At EB tutors, we have adept Physics, Biology and Chemistry tutors.

Our Science objectives include:

  • Ensuring our students comprehend both basic and in-depth concepts
  • Become self-starters and motivators
  • Learn independently and develop innovative thinking skills
  • Gain confidence and boost scientific skills

We have Science tutors for:

Elementary (Grade 5-6)

Junior High (Grade 7-8)

High School (Grade 9-12)

University and College

Our tutors will coordinate with their student’s curriculum and academic requirements.

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